Sneak Peek: Tableau 7.0 Server Supports Multi-tenant Deployments

Tableau Server now supports multi-site deployments enabling you to host multiple organizations’ or groups’ data on a single Tableau Server and to keep each segment of data and list of users isolated from other tenants.

This is important for deployments of Tableau Server where you may want to create separate sites for each group, such as Finance and HR. IT organizations that provide centralized server systems for multiple groups or customers can now separate each user community as a site to ensure security across customers.

For example, let’s say that your need to support a deployment of Tableau Server for customers in Sales and Marketing. You want to make sure that you Sales users cannot see any of the data, workbooks or projects defined for Marketing. And vice versa. By setting up separate sites for Sales and Marketing you can ensure that the data for each group is secure and cannot be seen by the other group.

When a user logs in to Tableau Server they are automatically logged-into the site that they belong to. In certain cases, you may want a user to belong to more than one site, for example an IT administrator or a consultant may need to access multiple sites. In that case, the user will be prompted to log into a specific site before displaying any data. This is the case for desktop, web and mobile users.

The sites functionality is available to all Tableau Server customers. By default, every Tableau Server installation has a default site. Sites share the same services and infrastructure used for Tableau Server. You do not need to allocate CPU, storage or Ram for each site.

This multi-site architecture makes it easier for you to manage your Tableau deployment and support your organization needs.

Stay tuned, next week we will be officially launching Tableau 7.0 to the world!

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