Tableau Customers Make Headlines

Every Tableau customer has a story about how the product changed their company – whether it’s helping them to have more Eureka moments with their data or solve problems in a fraction of the time they were before. These are the types of stories we love to tell the media, and in turn the rest of the world. This past month Tableau customers have told their stories to a number of influential publications.

The UK’s Oxford University was profiled in two separate articles discussing how it uses Tableau to get a better view of its student administration, finance and procurement information. Computing, one of the UK’s leading business technology publications, discussed how Oxford allows up to 700 of its college administrators, academics, course directors and senior management access reports and produce their own analytics. Search Data Management also discussed Oxford’s desire to use Tableau enterprisewide based on its ability to “get a job done quickly.”

The City of Charlotte, N.C. was also featured in a couple of press hits in KMWorld and Government Technology. Charlotte’s manager of its data administration team, Jim Raper talked with the publications extensively about Tableau’s ease of use, speed and broad set of users that now regularly share a lot of information. Raper gave some real examples, such as how oil additives affected the fuel mileage of city refuse collection trucks – in 15 minutes, using Tableau, they discovered a piece of data that helped save the city $50,000 in future expenditures.

There are as many Tableau stories to tell as we have customers (6,500 organizations and counting). We’d love to help tell your story. Please reach out to our PR Manager, Doreen Jarman, at to share your Tableau tales of success.

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