Hacks and Hackers Takes to Tableau

We were lucky enough to sit in on a Hacks and Hackers Hackathon today where we got to meet some of the worlds most forward thinking journalists, and even viz their data!

NPR's Andy Carvin likes to tweet. No, that doesn't quite cover it, he LOVES to tweet, with over 96,000 tweets to his name and counting. We had the privilege of working with him and his extensive tweet data on the Arab Spring. Needless to say, amazing data and Tableau Public make good partners, and Andy agrees! Take a look at the viz here, and the tweets below.

Our vizzing with Andy was fascinating, but it was great to finally meet and viz with Momi Peralta of La Nacion in Argentina. Her vizzes from the southern hemisphere always provide an interesting take on world events, and not just because they are in Spanish!

All in all it was a great day. Thanks also to the journalists, like Melanie Coulson, who worked hard on our teams and made our vizzes possible.

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