The Public Data Viz Contest

The third Tableau Viz Contest for this year has started! After the success of the business and sports contests, Tableau and O'Reilly Strata are teaming up to see who can do the most with government or public data.

Making Data Work at Strata
The Strata conference is all about making data work; so is this contest! With the wealth of government and public datasets available today, a great deal of transparency and education can be achieved with even one strong viz. So make yours count, because the winner will be announced live at the Strata conference in front of hundreds of the nations leading data experts and enthusiasts.

But that's not all...
The Tableau Customer Conference is coming up and the winner of the Public Viz Contest will be taking away a free trip to Vegas to attend. This not only includes airfare, registration and a stay at the exceptional Wynn Encore, but also an entry into the Iron Viz Challenge, where they will battle the winners of our business and sports contests for viz supremacy... and $2,000!

The Crowd Favorite
Everyone has the chance to win big in this contest, even if they don't end up going to Vegas. After submitting an entry, every participant will receive a specialized link directed to their viz. Whoever can get the most traffic through that link (Twitter? Facebook?) will receive a $500 Amazon giftcard.

Off to the races
Well what are you waiting for! Jump in the fray now with any public or government dataset. Feel free to raid, Transparency Data, or even the CDC for some data and get started today. You can learn more at the contest website.

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