The DNA of Manufacturing Excellence

What can you learn about how to optimize production within your high-throughput, large-scale manufacturing environment from a DNA sequencing laboratory? Everything.

The Broad Institute is the United States’ largest DNA sequencing laboratory, processing thousands of DNA sequencing tests every year. Each test relies on being processed through high tech, carefully monitored machines. So how does a lab with the pressure to produce results for thousands of tests optimize their manufacturing process? By visualizing critical data such as machine quality, yields and utilization using Tableau.

In his session at the Tableau Customer Conference, “The DNA of an Optimized Production Line,” Zach Leber, Assistant Director of Informatics will take you through how Tableau has transformed the productivity of their production environment. Facing millions of rows of data, detailed machines and a widespread audience with a stake in the dashboards produced, Zach will provide insight about how he’s tackled this challenge with Tableau. Join Zach to learn how you can apply some of his experiences in your own production environment.

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