The Wisdom of Crowds and Howard Dresner about business intelligence software

Do crowds know better? Howard Dresner thinks so. He's recently produced a detailed study about the state of the business intelligence software market based on the wisdom of crowds. We were very interested in this report (which you can get here for free) because we believe too that the market often has something important to say.

You may know Howard Dresner as the father of "business intelligence" having held a pivotal leadership role at Gartner in their early days of covering the BI market. He's since formed his own company - he has been consulting and authoring books and studies.

Dresner compiled his latest Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study with new and compelling insights into the changing business intelligence market. Within its 85 pages are 60 charts and tables, plus analysis, commentary and insights into the ever-changing BI marketplace. The research focuses wholly upon BI users – your peers – and shares some of their challenges, perceptions and plans for the future.

Howard's research echoes a trend we observe in our customer base: although IT still drives about 50% of BI deployments, business users appear to be increasingly driving business intelligence software adoption.

He dissects this trend geographically - while in North America it's more pronounced, he predicts this trend will continue globally.

He also scores 16 vendors based on 31 factors - these are some very detailed assessments and should help potential BI buyers better match products to their specific needs. Results are what you'd expect - people are far less satisfied with the traditional business intelligence platforms and much happier with applications like Tableau. In fact, Tableau did very well - we outscored every vendor in almost every category. Many thanks to our customers who completed the Dresner survey - we really do appreciate the support you give us.

Howard will be presenting his analysis in a live webinar June 15 - please join us.

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