Metrics are a fast, and streamlined way to stay on top of your KPIs from anywhere.

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Released with Tableau 2020.2, Metrics make it easy to monitor key performance indicators. You can curate and personalize your Metrics, so important KPIs are always at your fingertips. This new capability is fully integrated with Tableau's data and analytics platform through Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud, and optimized for Tableau Mobile.

Your data, in headlines

View your Metrics across multiple dashboards in one spot - either on the web or with the Tableau Mobile app. Move Metrics between projects or favorite for a personalized data digest.

Always have the latest data

Whether on a live or extracted data source, Metrics update in the background and load almost instantly.

Easy to create

Create a Metric from almost any viz with a single click. Tableau automatically takes care of the formatting to provide a consistent design.

Mobile first

Metrics are optimized for Tableau Mobile. Stay up to date and connected to your business even when you're on the go.