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Starting in September, 2023, fixed defects can be found on this site. Additional defect information is available at[sfcategoryfull]=Tableau.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

W-15326077 When executing a flow with CRM Analytics as the output destination, if the field name is Japanese and OS is Japanese Windows, the flow fails with FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION error.

Additionally, if OS is English Windows, the flow completes execution, but when checked on CRM Analytics, Japanese characters are converted to like ""???"".

This error could occur from 2022.3 or newer versions, which is the functionality was implemented to Tableau Prep Builder.


W-15289550 When loading certain worksheets in a workbook published to Tableau Cloud, an error appears.


W-15458538 When deleting a permission rule, permission group won't be deleted. The rule remains as "None".


W-15031938 When a guest user interacts with a dashboard (by adjusting filters or clicking a navigation button to open a different view in the dashboard), and the guest then attempts to refresh the page by using the browser's refresh button, Tableau may present the user with an "Unknown Server Error".


W-15431380 On Tableau Server, Google Big Query (JDBC) Data Sources published with embedded credentials using an embedded Service Account does not allow switching embedded user credentials when attempting to Edit Connection on the data source. Instead, the connection prompts for Server name, Server port, and Username.


W-15348699 The "name" attribute of the response in tag in REST API "Query Groups" is not Localized but is returned as "All Users" (in English) even in localized Tableau Server installation.


W-12926232 The value of the decimal-type field is changed to integer value after publishing the data source by flows.

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Mon, June 03, 2024

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