State and Local Government Analytics

Doing what’s right for the people who rely on you requires having the right information at your fingertips. Tableau helps state and local government understand where needs are today—and where they’re emerging. It enables not only measurement of program success, but visualization and action based on those measurements. Easily focus on different regions, or see everywhere at once. Tableau also allows for secure sharing of data with the public through interactive dashboards that increase transparency and empower citizen action.

State of Tennessee fulfills multi-year economic and community development plan with Tableau

Learn how the State of Tennessee’s Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) developed a set of Tableau dashboards to track development activities like new community investment and company re-locations in Tennessee’s rural and metro areas.

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How local governments and citizens use data together

There is valuable insight hidden in the volumes of data produced by local government programs. When analyzed, this data has the potential to improve performance management across departments and keep citizens informed.

Learn how the city of Edmonton has used Tableau to be a leader in providing open data and using data to drive internal and external decisions.

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Tableau for Government Finance Analytics

The 2014 DATA Act's mandate for results-based budgeting requires greater transparency and puts new demands on already stretched federal, state, and local agencies. Tableau simplifies this transition by enabling agencies to meet new requirements quickly and provide new insights that help reduce spend and improve productivity.

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Typically when a concerned citizen asks a question, they just want an answer. Policymakers not only want an answer, they want to see the data to verify it. With Tableau, we now save about half an hour to an hour for each question.

Tableau for Defense & Intelligence

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Tableau for Federal Civilian Agencies

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Tableau for Education

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