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State and local government analytics

Deliver equitable and transparent services with operational agility

Empowering communities to live healthier lives using data

Hear how Lake County Health Department (LCHD) is transforming analytics at scale to build public trust in data.

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Typically, when a concerned citizen asks a question, they just want an answer. Policy-makers not only want an answer, they want to see the data to verify it. With Tableau, we now save about half an hour to an hour for each question.

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Employee of Tallahassee Utilities

Tallahassee Utilities improve services, quality and productivity

See how Tableau visualisations helped Tallahassee Utility managers better understand sewer clearing teams’ productivity and make decisions that improved productivity by up to 30 percent.

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City skyline

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on how they became a data-driven organisation

Learn how Tableau helps the MPCA meet its governmental transparency and accountability goals, improve productivity and create a data-driven culture.

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Dashboard showing American southeast

State of Tennessee fulfils multi-year economic and community development plan with Tableau

Discover how Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) migrated its data to Tableau, enhancing project transparency with local government and taxpayers and saving 12 hours a month on reports.

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Putting data to work for the public sector

Find out how Tableau enables public sector employees to access and understand mission-critical data when needed most, helping them make strategic, data-supported decisions.


Transform service delivery with Tableau

Learn how health and human service agencies can take a data-driven approach to manage spending, increase operational efficiency and improve service delivery.


Tableau for call centres

Discover how state agencies can use dashboards, chatbots and visual analytics to cut resolution times, reduce record request volumes and rapidly address citizen questions.

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Reimagining the workforce

Learn how state and local governments are partnering with Tableau to recruit, manage and empower a resilient, data-driven workforce.

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Unlock the power of your data with AI-driven analytics and actionable insights.

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Deliver added value to your customers with modern self-service analytics.

Tableau Cloud

Easily share data, dashboards and visualisations in the cloud, and effectively manage your data environment.

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Tableau Partner Network

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Visualise state and local analytics data

visualisation of gun safety in New York

Increasing public safety with New York gun tracing

By collecting and analysing aggregate gun trace data, the Office of the New York State Attorney General has been able to begin identifying regional patterns and differences, allowing for more effective efforts in keeping dangerous guns out of the hands of criminals.

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Ohio Checkbook visualisation

Ohio Checkbook

The Ohio Checkbook serves as the singular and most trusted resource for Ohioans to obtain both local and state financial information. Users can view online government spending and see how revenue is allocated.

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Tableau for departments

Departments across organisations worldwide are empowering their people with data. Learn how departments are driving business forward with Tableau.

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Technology integrations

Organisations are finding opportunities to integrate Tableau with their existing technologies to drive business forward.

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