Plan for a Dynamic Future with Advanced Sales Analytics

Maximize the possibilities of your sales data

In any sales organization, you build competitive advantage by understanding both the big picture and the on-the-ground details; a thousand-foot view without losing sight of the day-to-day activities that close deals. This is more true today than ever before, as the shift to digital is accelerating—and only by fully leveraging data can we achieve success.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • How to get a complete view of the metrics that sales operations needs to support better forecasting, planning, and real-time decision-making.
  • Considerations for integrating customer, finance, and marketing data fundamental to understanding selling scenarios and competitive advantages.
  • Why using interactive visualizations and shared dashboards can bring your sales reporting to life with stronger collaboration across your organization.
  • How to power any sales use case inside and outside your CRM, including growth potential and new targets, in-depth pipeline risk assessment, staffing allocation, profitability analysis, distance to quota, and more.
  • How companies like LinkedIn, MillerCoors, and others are modernizing their sales analytics with Tableau.

How do you set a smarter sales strategy with data?

Organizations that are able to harness their data are the ones that are most successfully leading through these unprecedented times. And with a powerful business intelligence and analytics platform, you can leverage all of the data in your enterprise to build actionable insights quickly and consistently.

Sales KPIs—including sales performance, cost-to-revenue ratios, and quota attainment—are only a few of the many metrics that will create the holistic picture of dynamic sales environments. But how do you achieve such an expansive view of your sales processes?

Like every other part of the modern enterprise, sales teams need to harness data to answer their most important questions:

  • How do I know what’s actually working and what’s not moving the needle?
  • How do I forecast in an environment that’s constantly changing?
  • How do I avoid making decisions too late and get ahead of the forces buffeting my business?

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