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Driving proactive pricing analytics for FP&A

The finance departments of the future must be proactive rather than reactive. As companies adopt new business models like multi-tiered subscriptions, financial planning and analysis models become increasingly complex. Analysis during business model transitions is particularly complicated because traditional revenue streams remain important sources of revenue while new initiatives begin to take hold.

In this short finance analytics webinar, Tableau’s finance team will share the expertise our team gained while adopting new subscription revenue models. We’ll cover:

  • How to prepare your organization for a change in its business model
  • Strategies to monitor your cohorts and revenue streams
  • Two examples of how Tableau examines its transactions

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Download and interact with the Average Selling Price Analysis and Discounting Policy Analysis dashboards discussed in this webinar.

About the speakers

James Lenihan

Senior Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis | Tableau

Ben Moschel

Finance Analytics Analyst, Tableau

Mike Crook

Director of Finance Analytics, Tableau

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