Xiang 'Anthony' Chen

Research Scientist

Xiang Headshot


I enable people to interact with data on various platforms, from desktop to mobile, wearable and ubiquitous IoT devices.

Although users today frequently interact with a diverse set of devices, many software applications are still programmed to run mostly on single devices alone. What if we change this fundamental assumption, where instead systems will by default run on multiple devices? How will this change the way we design interactive systems? What new interactive experiences can we bring to the users? 

My research goal is to explore these questions by building interactive systems that span and leverage a combination of multiple networked devices. To achieve this goal, I have been taking a sensor correlation approach to enable novel user experience of cross-device interaction. Specifically, by correlating sensors across devices, we can capture rich information about users’ behavior, intent and context, which was not accessible before when we simply considered each single devices alone. 

Areas of interest

  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Mobile and Wearable Interaction
  • Internet of Things