Self-service data preparation

Tableau Prep Builder provides a modern approach to data preparation, making it easier and faster to combine, shape, and clean data for analysis within Tableau. By providing a visual and direct path to prep your data, you can get your hands on quality data in just a few clicks.

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Prep Flows
Interested in data prep at scale? Read the Tableau Prep Conductor Whitepaper.
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Tableau Prep Builder capabilities

A complete picture of your data

Three coordinated views let you see row-level data, profiles of each column, and your entire data preparation process. Pick which view to interact with based on the task at hand.

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Connect to more data

Connect to data on-premises or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet. Access, combine and clean disparate data without writing code. Tableau Prep Builder intelligently pushes operations down to the database when possible, leveraging existing database investments for fast flow execution.

Open the door for collaboration

Stay in the flow of your analysis. It’s easy to open your output with Tableau Desktop or share it with others via Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud. Easy sharing reduces friction and helps you bridge the gap between data preparation and analytics for better business results.

See immediate results

If you want to edit a value, you select and directly edit. Change your join type, and see the result right away. With each action, you instantly see your data change, even on millions of rows of data. Tableau Prep Builder gives you the freedom to reorder steps and experiment without consequence.

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Before Tableau Prep, our team would spend hours and hours making sure that our data sources were clean and organized, just to make sure that our analysis was accurate and effective. We’ve been able to save hours of work with Tableau Prep...

Scale with Data Management

Ready to discuss expanding your Tableau deployment? Tableau Data Management unlocks enterprise functionality to deliver even more data prep power and control. Tableau has several subscription plans available to fit your needs and more easily procure and deploy these capabilities.


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