5 Ways To Become A Segmentation Sniper – And Why It Will Make You A Better Marketer

Marketing professionals are surrounded by data that has the potential to revolutionize their success. Whether it’s CRM, campaign management, email automation, social media or even third-party data, the information exists to become laser-focused about who to target, where to target them and what they want to buy. Unfortunately, converting that data to meaningful target markets often seems overwhelming or even impossible. Instead, marketers often resort to intuition and experience instead of data to make critical decisions. The result: untapped opportunity.

By reconsidering the potential for using robust data as the foundation for your segmentation, you can examine your current customers, consider new options, identify potentially untapped markets and begin aligning your marketing strategy and tactics with the facts, instead of gut-feel and anecdotes.

Learn 5 ways you can become a segmentation sniper:

  1. Go beyond the basics.
  2. Add micro-segmentation.
  3. Mix & match data sources.
  4. Map your data.
  5. Share and refine.

Stop guessing about whether or not you are targeting the right people, running the right campaigns or selling in the right channels, and start gaining a deeper understanding of who, what, where, how and why you should be going after next.