Tableau details 2012 growth strategy, gets semantic for visual analytics


In this thoughtful review of the Tableau 7 release, “Tableau details 2012 growth strategy, gets semantic for visual analytics,” Krishna Roy provides a run-down on the how key elements such as the Data Server contribute to the enterprise strength of Tableau’s solution.

Read this report to get a long-time observer’s perspective on Tableau:

  • Evidence of its growth, including expansion plans
  • How the Data Server provides a leg up on its competition
  • Why support for multi-tenancy supports enterprise deployments
  • How Tableau stacks up against its competition

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Tableau Software has eyes down as it continues to focus on top-line growth, having reported a 94% year-on-year increase in bookings in 2011, which takes sales to $72m for the year. The reported game plan is to continue to grow profitably, with an eye to an IPO. A headily paced recruitment drive, a commitment to spend $200m on R&D in the next five years, and continued international expansion outside of native US home turf – including a first foray this year into Asia-Pacific and Latin America, and expansion in Europe – are lynchpins in its growth strategy.

Tableau is also revving some new non-English-language versions of its in-memory visual analysis software to cater to emerging geographies, and connectivity to SAP Business Warehouse (BW). The company has given its wares a makeover in Tableau 7.0. The debut of a shareable semantic layer is its most notable feature.

The 451 Take

We think it's interesting that Tableau continues to grow profitably without dipping into its first two rounds of funding. The company is also now approaching the size where an IPO, which has been mooted before, can become a reality and provide a boost on many fronts, including an environment that's becoming ever more competitive. The semantic layer in Tableau 7.0 should provide a competitive leg up against direct rival QlikTech International and other BI vendors, which already have a semantic layer. It should also beef up enterprise credibility, and therefore aid the company's continued 'land and expand' strategy, which involves starting small with a couple of copies of Tableau Desktop, and upselling Tableau Server-based deals to the midmarket and departments within enterprises.

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