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What is Tableau?

Before we dive into the content below, let’s do a quick overview of the different parts of the Tableau Platform. With Tableau, you can quickly connect to almost any data source and start getting insights immediately.

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The Tableau Platform

The Tableau Platform is made up of three foundational products that work together to create a cohesive data flow from raw information to clear insights.


Raw Data
Prepare your data

Clean up dirty data with ease and speed. Automate data cleansing processes with Tableau Prep, part of Tableau Data Management.

Analyze and explore

Fuel unlimited data exploration with Tableau Desktop. Interactive dashboards help you uncover hidden insights on the fly.

Author, analyze, collaborate

With Tableau Server or fully-hosted Tableau Cloud, author visualizations, find insights, share them with teammates, and make critical decisions.


Refine your visualization

Hone in on what data is important to you by sorting, grouping, and filtering your data visualization.

Watch: Sorting, Grouping, Filtering

Learn how to sort, group, and filter in Tableau Prep Builder.

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Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bikes drastically reduces weekly reporting and eliminates infrastructure hurdles for better authentication, upgrades.


Lufthansa saves 30 percent in data prep and analysis time from increased reporting uniformity and automation.


Zalora develops Trender, embedded analytics powered by Tableau, to easily discover customer's shopping behaviors.

Build a map

Getting your location data on a map is easy as dragging and dropping. Learn how to see your geographic data in a map in Tableau with these resources.

Watch: Build a Map

Deeper reading: Build and Use Maps

Combine views into a dashboard

Combine multiple views into a single, interactive dashboard. Include filters, images, and webpages in your dashboard for a more complete view of your data.

Watch: Build a Dashboard

Share and collaborate

Don't keep your insights to yourself - share them with your colleagues. Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud allows you to publish visualizations and dashboards to the web so others can interact with your analytics and answer their own questions of the data. Sharing and collaborating with Tableau


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The community of Tableau users can’t wait to meet you. Ask questions, get help, share ideas, network, and hear what’s coming next.

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  1. Download Tableau Desktop. If you've already downloaded it, locate the file on your computer
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  3. Once installed, open Tableau Desktop and fill out the registration form

You can now start exploring your data in Tableau! Scroll up on this page to find helpful ways to get started. If you need more help installing Tableau, check out this Help article.