On-Demand Webinar

Provide actionable insight quickly with the Healthcare Analytics Hub Starter Kit

Physicians and nurses are knowledge workers and need access to data. Because they spend most of the day on foot, it is crucial to make the few minutes dedicated to analysis as frictionless as possible. For them, and other users, one solution is a simple healthcare analytics hub, allowing for faster access to content with no prior training or experience.

See how our starter kit provides a sample of what your healthcare app could look like, in order to provide valuable insight at the level of care.

In this session, learn how this starter kit aims to provide you with:

  • Sample of what a customized analytics app could look like
  • How Tableau can be embedded into any web app
  • How to integrate Tableau into 3rd party solutions, using our REST APIs

About the speakers

Takashi Binns

Sales Consultant, Healthcare at Tableau

Barry P. Chaiken, MD

Clinical Lead, Healthcare, Tableau