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Ask Data: Simplify Analytics with Natural Language

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations need data to make better decisions. Ask Data, Tableau’s natural language capability, allows clinical staff and leaders to get insights by simply conversing with their data. Ask Data interprets the intent behind ambiguous and vague questions to quickly give you accurate results. Our data experts will showcase how Ask Data functionality makes it even easier to analyze your data with:

  • Easy and powerful analytical capabilities - Analyze your data with a simple statement or question.
  • Smart analytics - The technology behind Ask Data understands ambiguous or underspecified statements and resolves them by offering helpful recommendations.
  • Incorporating data visualization best practices - Ask Data leverages Tableau’s Show Me capabilities and the context of your input to choose the best visualization to represent the most relevant answer to every question.
  • Going from data to decision - Share your insights with others to encourage further exploration.

Tableau is committed to helping healthcare organizations become data-driven and empowering every individual in an organization with the ability to get quick answers and make confident decisions. Watch this webinar to learn more about how you can lower the barrier to analytics and bring the power of data to your organization.

About the speakers

Tableau User Group

Master Solution Engineer, Tableau

Patrick Murphy

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Quynh-Anh Nguyen

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

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