Tableau Starter Kits

Practice authoring, interacting, publishing, and administering Tableau.

Administer Tableau Server

The power is yours, now. Check out the content below to gain the foundation you need to deploy and manage Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server and ensure your data stays nice and secure. Switch between these products using the links to the left.

Section 1: Plan your deployment
1.1 Download a trial
1.2 Go through Everybody's Install Guide
1.3 Explore the IT Portal Resource Page
1.4 Tableau’s Approach to Cloud: It’s All about Choice
1.5 Governed Self Service at Scale: IT Powered Business Analytics
1.6 Pick an Enterprise IT Webinar to watch
1.7 Explore the Virtual User Group Library
Section 2: Infrastructure
2.1 Understanding Disk Space Requirements for Tableau Server
2.2 An IT roadmap for Scaling Self-Service Reporting
2.3 Creating a Backup Primary
2.4 Next Generation Cloud BI: Tableau Server hosted on Microsoft Azure
2.5 Next Generation Cloud BI: Tableau Server hosted on Amazon EC2
2.6 Tableau Server and Google Cloud Platform
Section 3: Administration
3.1 Tableau Server Administrative Overview
3.2 Server Administrator Guide
3.3 Tableau Services Manager Overview
3.4 tsm reference
3.5 tsm
3.6 Projects
3.7 Tableau Server Admin Forum
3.8 Administrative Views
3.9 Permissions
3.10 Powering Self-Service Analytics at Scale
3.11 Performance Monitoring
3.12 Upgrading Tableau Server
3.13 Upgrade to Tableau Server 10.x
Section 4: Data
4.1 Data Governance for Self-Service Analytics
4.2 3 Shifts in the Modern Data Environment
4.3 Tableau's Approach to Big Data
4.4 Google BigQuery & Tableau: Best Practices
4.5 7 Tips to Succeed with Big Data
4.6 5 Ways to Maximize Your Salesforce Data
Section 5: Security & Governance
5.1 Tableau Security Page
5.2 Governed Self Service at Scale
5.3 Tableau Server Platform Security
5.4 5 Steps to Self-Service Analytics
5.4 Tableau & Mobile Security