Upgrade to Tableau Server 10.0

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The overhauled user experience lets you access data faster and manage content easier with Tableau Server 10.0. Start here to learn about the new features.

Interface Changes

Feature What happened? Where is it? How do I access it?
Auto-Detect Older Version New Installation Window Installer automatically detects previous version of Tableau Server
Create Dashboards New Web Edit Data Sources > New Workbook > New Dashboard
Edit Dashboards New Web Edit Workbook > Edit
More Options in Web Edit Toolbar New Toolbar Workbook > Edit
Per-Site SAML New Tableau Server Configuration Tool Configure Tableau Server > SAML > Server-wide or Per-site options
Refresh Failure Notifications New Site Settings Site > Settings > Send email to data source and workbook owners when scheduled refreshes fail
Subscribe Others to View New Toolbar Subscribe
Tableau Desktop Licensing Reporting Tool for Tableau Server Administrators New Server Admin Views Site > Status > Tableau Desktop License Usage
Workbook Thumbnails Based on User Filters New Tableau Server Interface & Tableau Desktop Publishing Dialog Server > Publish Workbook…


Tableau Server 10.0 is easy to install, operate, and upgrade. Because it's important to be prepared when upgrading a server, our brand new Server Upgrade Guide takes you through the entire process to make your upgrade as seamless as possible. Download the newest maintenance release and get started!

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