Interact with a Viz in Tableau Server

Get engaged with your data. The activities below show you how to dig into content on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Learn how to navigate to the data you need—and then ask your own questions. Switch between these products using the links to the left.

Section 1: Overview
1.1 Getting Started with Tableau Server
1.2 Log into Tableau Server
1.3 Browse
1.4 Interacting with Content
Section 2: Navigate
2.1 Navigate Tableau Server
2.2 Projects
2.3 Search
2.4 Navigate the Tableau Mobile App
Section 3: Interact
3.1 Filter
3.2 Sort
3.3 Explore Maps
3.4 View Data
3.5 Follow Hyperlinks
3.6 Interacting on the Tableau Mobile App
Section 4: Customize
4.1 Favorites
4.2 Create a Custom View
4.3 Subscribe to Content
4.4 Highlight
4.5 Comment
Section 5: Share
5.1 Subscribe Someone else
5.2 Share a Custom View
5.3 Embed Content
Section 6: Extend
6.1 Web Authoring
6.2 Web Authoring Environment
6.3 Download Workbooks
6.4 Personalize your Account
6.5 Explore the Desktop Starter Kit

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