Your role in data

As an Author, you leverage your foundational Tableau skills to make smarter business decisions more quickly by digging into available data sources to create visualizations and dashboards mostly for your own consumption. You are responsible for:

Creating and using existing data sources and creating views and dashboards to provide actionable insights in Tableau Desktop or online.

Performing basic analysis for personal use rather than for consumption by others, to increase personal job performance.

Demonstrating knowledge of the area being analyzed.


This learning path has two variations designed to teach you core authoring skills within your specific Tableau environment.


Desktop Author

For those editing or creating visualizations using Tableau Desktop.

Getting Started with Tableau Desktop


Learn the foundational skills you need to begin your Tableau Desktop journey. This course covers core data literacy concepts and provides guidance for creating your first Tableau Desktop workbook, empowering you to learn Tableau quickly and effectively.

Tableau Fundamentals

Acquire the fundamental skills you'll need to analyze your data in Tableau. Build essential charts and interactive dashboards. 

Web Author

For those editing or creating visualizations using Tableau in a web browser.

Getting Started with Tableau Cloud


Interact: Edit & Share Views

Author: Design & Create Views

Data: Analyze Data

Collaborate: Manage Views & Subscriptions

Data: Customize Data

Author: Present Insights



Assessment: Build Visualizations and Dashboards

You’ve got the right data skills for your role – now it’s time to show them off. Pass this Skills Assessment and earn a Skill Badge.


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