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Headwaters Economics

Connecting the land to the lives we live on it

Headwaters Economics performs non-partisan research informing community development and land management in the American west.

The value of conservation

How parks create jobs

Headwaters Economics advocates the benefits of land preservation by sharing spending, jobs, and income data from communities near national monuments and parks.

Explore a state-by-state analysis of the economic benefits of land preservation.

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Who pays, who benefits?


Mining coal in federal land

Explore the socioeconomics of the federal coal leasing.


Riding the oil & gas boom

See how oil and gas taxes impact local governments.


Living in the line of fire

How wildfire threatens the western economy.

Access and opportunity

Connected Communities

In October 2015, Headwaters Economics launched the “Three Wests” initiative to look at how three distinct types of counties are defined by their access to major markets and population centers.

See how metro, connected, and isolated communities stack up and what the challenges for their future economic development.

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