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What's New in Tableau: 2021.1 Release Highlights

Olivia Nix
April Doud
New features and improvements are here in Tableau 2021.1! Join this session as we walk through some of the new features and learn how to get started today. Everything from quick LODs, to Tableau prep and much more were created so you could spend less time prepping and more time exploring, analyzing and acting on your data.

Data Innovation: Where Data and Analytics are Headed

Naisan Geula
If your goal is to be a data-driven organization, the right data and analytics technology matters. Explore innovations and technology advances that have the power to transform how people across your organization approach and engage with data.

Grow your Career as an Advocate for Data Literacy & Analytics within your Organization

Mara Hinchliff
As data touches every aspect of our lives, the need for data literacy has never been greater. Despite that, not all organizations are promoting data literacy, and need help convincing others of the value of a data culture. This session explores what it means to be data literate and how to leverage data skills to advocate for an analytics-driven organization.

What is Tableau Business Science?

Jaimie Hwang
Ava Kavelle
April Doud
At Tableau, analysis has always been about people exploring, asking questions or testing a hypothesis. In this session learn how the introduction of Business Science empowers analysts and business users to understand the context of their data further by employing explainable, self-service machine learning models. Make faster, more confident decisions across your business, while expanding analytics use cases and deepening understanding of business critical data with Einstein Discovery in Tableau.

Aligning Analytics Initiatives with Business Objectives

Ashley Howard Neville
In a world experiencing rapid market change, the organizations that align analytics initiatives with business objectives have a distinct advantage. Learn how to overcome the most common challenges when shifting to a data-driven decision making model and hear how organizations have successfully scaled analytics across departments and teams.

Data Beyond Dashboards: Using the Entire Tableau Platform

Morag Deans
We’ve all done it at one time or another. We’ve purchased something thinking it only did a few things, then discovered down the road that it did way more than we knew. In this session, we’ll talk about what Tableau is beyond the dashboard to help illuminate the possibilities of this end-to-end solution.

Supercharge your Analytics with Tableau Data Management

Tracy Rodgers
We continue to see an explosion of data AND people who need access to it to make decisions. As a result, it can be hard to make sense of the data – know where it came from, who uses it, understand how it’s been prepared or last updated, etc. Tableau Data Management helps – instill confidence, build trust, and increase efficiencies whether in IT or the business. Learn how Tableau approaches data management and see it in action to build a stronger data culture and up-level your analytics.

Building a Data Culture to Propel Faster Decision Making

Jeremy Blaney
Despite trillions of dollars invested in data and analytics in recent years, leaders are still struggling to shift the way their organizations think about and act on data. Discover Tableau’s proven methodology for building core capabilities and repeatable processes that enable everyone to make faster, data-driven decisions.

AI & the Analyst: Amplify your Data Skills with New Capabilities and Tableau Business Science

Laura Granek
Ceilings were meant to be broken and with Tableau’s newest developments in AI you’ll answer questions that had previously seemed out of reach. This session gives an overview of how Tableau’s newest category and offerings can boost your capabilities, your company, and your career.

Keynote featuring Tableau Executives and Tableau Customer Bentley Motors

Stephanie Richardson
Francois Ajenstat
April Doud
Andy Moore
Rob Savin
Tune in to hear Tableau Live executive keynote presentations: Tableau's Chief Product Officer, Francois Ajenstat, will talk about our vision for the future of analytics. Then Tableau's VP of Community, Stephanie Richardson, sits down with Bentley Motors to discuss why a data culture is so vital to an organization's data transformation.

How Data Drives Manufacturing Supply Chain Transformation

Miguel Van Asch
Richard Harding
James Smith
Risks on the supply chain are ever-present but global forces such as COVID, Brexit and rapidly changing consumer behaviors have made fragilities far too apparent. When something does go wrong or changes you need the agility to respond to keep your business functioning. Learn how Jaguar Landrover and Alhers accelerated their organisation’s data transformation, by enabling their employees to make complex data-driven decisions at speed and take the steps to minimise risk within their supply chain.

Keys to Success with Self-Service in Financial Services

Fredrik Holmgren
Tony Knock
Admist the global pandemic, Financial Services companies have seen a cultural shift to self-service analytics. The speed of decision making is more crucial than ever before, as well as the need to analyze huge amounts of data. Learn how Tableau customer Barclays Payments has empowered their organization to accelerate complex decision making with self-service analytics.

Embracing a Data Culture to Empower your Retail Business

Holger Emrich
Melody Barlage
Anne van den Brink
In our changing world, retailers have had to adapt to new customer needs to provide the best experience as possible. Becoming data-driven has never been more important, nor has the need to access data and make fast decisions. Join us to learn how Tableau customers Bol and de Bijenkorf built a data culture to empower their businesses with data-driven decisions.

Enabling Company-wide Data-driven Decision Making in Telcos

Jamie Estéban Ramirez
Ana Alonso
The pressure on Telcos has rarely been higher than it is today. Telcos are at the forefront of the pandemic conversation, while the pace of innovation in the industry and nimble new players mean they need to move faster than ever. Learn from Jamie Ramirez at Swisscom, as he explains how the largest Telco in Switzerland use data-driven decision making to enable their customers and business users in every corner of the organisation to make agile, confident decisions.

How BMW Enabled a KPI-driven Decision Culture

Frank Reinelt
Marc Lengning
The Automotive industry is in a major transition phase. E-mobility and digitalization have caused many companies to rethink strategy. As data becomes one of the most important assets to auto companies they must also continue to adapt their cultures. Join this conversation with BMW to hear about how the implementation of KPI-driven decision making affects the way the company operates and learn more about the challenges BMW faced to adapt its culture and to define data-driven KPIs.

Data Monetisation: Differentiation with Embedded Analytics

Harald Kokelkoren
Pete Chizlett
Rob Austin
What if your business could generate more revenue faster by monetising your data?
Join the conversation with experts from ILIAS Solutions and Tivian to learn how data-driven businesses are embedding analytics into apps, products, and web portals to create market differentiation—maximising their revenue and accelerating digital transformation. In this session you'll hear about different approaches to data monetisation and steps needed to maximise ROI and foster data-driven conversations.

La Culture de la Donnée au Service du Changement

Rodolphe Aubin
Elise Delsol
Gildo Marques
Christophe Modard
Les données sont le fondement de nombreuses décisions importantes qui sont prises concernant l'avenir de nos entreprises. En faisant le choix de déployer une solution analytique à l’échelle de l’entreprise, Axa Banque, Schneider Electric et Bouygues Télécom mènent leur transformation à l'aide de la donnée et reviennent sur leurs motivations, les défis rencontrés et les indicateurs de succès constatés.

The Culture of Data at the Service of Change

Data is the foundation for many important decisions that are made about the future of our businesses. By choosing to deploy an analytical solution at the scale of the company, Axa Bank, Schneider Electric and Bouygues Télécom are leading their transformation using data and reviewing their motivations, the challenges encountered and the indicators of success observed.

La Cultura del Dato como Medio de Aceleración Digital

David Gómez-Monedero González
Alicia Fuentespina
Lisa Martinez Gomis
Rita Barata
El 80% de las empresas que basan su estrategia en la cultura del dato afirman que tienen una ventaja crítica en la reducción del impacto de imprevistos. Tres de las organizaciones españolas más importantes que están liderando esta revolución digital nos cuentan cómo han hecho frente a estos nuevos retos. Vueling, Hotelbeds y Pago fx nos explican cómo desde su experiencia la cultura del dato puede ayudar a la aceleración de la transformación digital.

Data Culture as a Means of Digital Acceleration

80% of companies that base their strategy on data culture affirm that they have a critical advantage in reducing the impact of unforeseen events. Three of the most important Spanish organisations that are leading this digital revolution tell us how they have faced these new challenges. Vueling, Hotelbeds and Pago fx explain to us how, from their experience, the culture of data can help accelerate the digital transformation.

La Cultura del Dato come Mezzo di Accelerazione Digitale

Vincenzo Manzoni
Daniele Carminati
Loredana Dilauro
Lisa Martinez Gomis
L’80% delle aziende Data Driven dichiarano di godere di un significativo vantaggio competitivo all’interno dell’attuale scenario pandemico. Si parla di “quarta rivoluzione industriale”.

Whirlpool, Tenaris e Safilo ci raccontano qual è il percorso intrapreso dalle proprie organizzazioni per implementare e promuovere al loro interno la cultura del dato e in che modo Tableau è stato d’aiuto.

The Culture of Data as a Means of Digital Acceleration

80% of data driven companies declare that they enjoy a significant competitive advantage within the current pandemic scenario. There is talk of the ""fourth industrial revolution"". Whirlpool, Tenaris and Safilo tell us about the path taken by their organisations to implement and promote the culture of data within them and how Tableau has been helpful.

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