Tableau Community leaders share their top 2021 highlights

We reached out to some Tableau Community leaders to share their 2021 highlights with us! Watch the video below and hear what they had to say.

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Connect with the Community leaders featured and read their full 2021 highlights:

  • Zainab Ayodimeji - Tableau Public Ambassador
    • My favorite accomplishment of 2021 was definitely landing my dream role as a Data Scientist at Spotify. So I started using Tableau in 2020 and my work was fortunately enough published in the Viz Gallery. Somebody from Spotify saw it and said, "hey, I thought you should apply for this role" and the rest is history!
  • Veronica Simoes - Tableau Forums Ambassador
    • My favorite highlight from 2021 was virtual connections.
  • Yuzo Tokutani - Tableau User Group Ambassador
    • I wrote a Tableau book this year. The title is "How to Build Data Driven Team Starts Moving". It will be published next February in Japan!
  • Pradeep Kumar G, Tableau Public Ambassador
    • My 2021 highlight was building a viz in under 20 minutes during the Iron Viz finals. 

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