Your Favorite Vizzes - A Look Back at May 2021

Dig into our monthly blog series, A look back at your Favorite Vizzes, to see some of the most popular data visualizations from the #DataFam. Check out May’s most favorited and viewed vizzes across the Tableau community.

Top 3 most-often favorited Viz of the Day (#VOTD) featured on Tableau Public:

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The Law & Order Universe by Ken Flerlage

A criminal justice system universe? Check out this network chart #VOTD by Ken Flerlage—based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the United States—to see the Law & Order universe and how different characters crossover between the shows. Favorite this viz

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What does it take to become a NASA Astronaut? by G Vinodh Kumar

Do you have the right stuff to become a NASA Astronaut? Explore this #VOTD by Vinodh Kumar—located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India—to see age, graduate majors, military rank, gender, country of birth, and more details of those who have become astronauts throughout history. Favorite this viz

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Successful Women in Music by Márton Balla

Can you name the singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman who has spent the most days on the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Chart since 2000? Find out in this #VOTD by Márton Balla–located in Hungary–and see the number one hits from a variety of top female artists. Viz inspired by CJ Mayes Favorite this viz

Top 3 most-favorited non-VOTD on Tableau Public:

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Cicadas are Coming by Kevin Flerlage and Jeffrey Shaffer

In this collaboration, Kevin Flerlage and Jeffrey Shaffer—based in the United States—showcase "The Great Eastern Brood", the cicadas broods spectacle that occurs every 17 years in the Eastern part of the United States. Favorite this viz

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The Gutenberg Diagram | Principles of Design in Dataviz by Will Sutton

In this visualization, Will Suton— located in London, United Kingdom—illustrates "The Gutenberg Diagram", a handy principle of design that helps you understand how a user will read a dashboard or page of information. Favorite this viz

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Custom Sort Headers Template by Lindsay Betzendahl

Explore Lindsay Betzendahl's visualization, that will help you learn how to create custom sorting worksheets to help improve UX on your small multiple charts. Favorite this viz

Most popular VOTD on Twitter:

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The Wire: Character Scene Time by Matthew Antoline

Who's your favorite character from The Wire? Explore this #VOTD by Matthew Antoline—located in Newark, Delaware in the United States—to see screen time comparisons among 100 of the most memorable characters from David Simon's crime drama television series. Favorite this viz

Most popular VOTD on Facebook:

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The Rising Wave of Natural Disasters by George Gorczynski

In the last 60 years, the world has seen a dramatic increase in the number of natural catastrophes. Dive into this #VOTD by George Gorczynski–based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada—to see the number, type, and which are most common ones per country. Favorite this viz

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