Devin Burghart and Leonard Zeskind are devoted to studying the Tea Party, its supporters and its effect on American society. An integral part of that study is working with Tea Party data- in this case, membership data for different Tea Party groups. Take a look at the viz below to see membership across the country.

Although this viz does not normalize for the overall population, it is clear that there is at least some membership in nearly every city across the country.

Check out more Tea Party statistics at Tea Party Nationalism.


Hey I downloaded the workbook and I noticed that some of the cities are incorrectly displayed on the map. For some reason this data set has some null states which has some incorrect cities that don't seem to be U.S. cities.

While this viz provides a great overview of membership, it's quite difficult to drill down into local areas. I have created my own version of this viz, which addresses this and other concerns, on my blog.

That is significantly more accessible. For the most part, people will want to use this to drill into their local area, so it seems like this is a better way to approach the data.