Stunning Software. Six is here.

Stunning software. Those two words have described Tableau's products since their first versions. So it is with 6.0, released today.

This release will both subtly and directly surprise and delight you. You can be working with 30 million rows at interactive speeds in Tableau's new Data Engine before you realize it.

We've already learned we need to show the new Data Blending feature twice in a row. That's because the first time you see it, you don't take in that two data sources were blended with no pre-integration work whatsoever.

You’ll soon realize that Parameters will save you hours. “Previously, there were 20 reports. Now there is one report with a parameter allowing the users to specify which report they want to see,” said one beta user, Camie Walter at And improved Calculations make all kinds of things easier.

Then you finally get to the beautiful new visual analytics features like Combination Charts:

As well as Mark History and tabbed views on Server. You can see all of those in the view below.

And you'll find that Tableau has continued to drive forward in Performance and Tableau Server Manageability.

We hope you'll take a look at the microsite to get more depth on the new features, and perhaps watch a demo or come see us in person on our roadshow.

Keep tuning into this blog today and over the next several days to learn even more about 6.0.

There are more than 60 new features. But the big message of this release is that it fundamentally changes what you can achieve with data. As CEO Christian Chabot said at our customer conference, "Your first question need no longer be, is it possible?"

"Assume it is and begin."

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