Music Viz Contest Winners

Our Music Viz Contest brought out some of the entries we've seen all year. It was a tough decision but we've chosen the winners. First, let's start with the winner that YOU chose... our Crowd Favorite! This time it goes to....

"The Greats - Top All-Time Artists" by Zach Mazzoncini. Click through to view live viz.

Zack Mazzoncini! Congrats Zack! Sounds like your office is getting that Xbox after all!

And now our big winner, the one who will be joining us at TC15 in Vegas on the Iron Viz stage.....

"The Big 4 Music Festivals" by Skyler Johnson. Click through to view live viz.

Congratulations, Skyler Johnson! You are going to the Tableau Conference in Vegas this October! Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest and all the other ones this year. There were so many great entries, we will be highlighting some of our other favorites on Viz of the Day. As for our three champions, Shine, Matt, and now Skyler, I will see you in Viz Stadium at Tableau Conference 2015!