The Winners of Iron Viz: Mobile Edition Are...

The Tableau Public Community has voted, and so have we! We are extremely excited to announce the winner of the third and final Iron Viz feeder contest, selected by our expert panel here at Tableau. We also have the Crowd Favorite, chosen by you on Twitter.

First of, thanks to all the participants! We had 43 submissions for this round of the Iron Viz contest, and they were outstanding! And as this was the Mobile Edition, we asked you to use Device Designer to create, at minimum, a mobile layout so that the visualizations look good on both mobile and larger screens. Your phones will surely be delighted by all those mobile-friendly vizzes.

But as always there can only be one winner—well, two.

The Crowd Favorite

For the second time, Luke Stanke takes home the Crowd Favorite, with his visualization on NFL ticket prices earning 41 individual Twitter votes. The tweets came from all over the world in support of this beautifully-designed visualization showing an impressive level of detail given the limited space available on mobile. And the viz updates automatically, thanks to a combination of API magic and Tableau Public's Google Sheets connector on auto-refresh.

A huge thanks to all Tableau Public members who took the time to review and promote their peers' work. Check out Luke's visualization:

The 2016 Iron Viz: Mobile Edition Winner

And now on to the big prize: The ticket to TC16 in Austin and a chance to compete in the Iron Viz competition goes to…

Wait, before we announce it, here is a quick reminder of how we selected our winner! A panel of judges from Tableau—all experts in the field of data visualisation—assessed the entries against the following criteria:

  • Design
  • Storytelling
  • Analysis
  • Overall appeal

In addition, this time around, we evaluated the vizzes on both a desktop screen and a mobile device. So we effectively looked at each submission twice!

After all that scoring, we now have a winner…

Curtis Harris, with his visualization "The History of the Single Season Home Run Record", has earned the third and final spot on the Iron Viz stage in Austin!

A balance of neat design, engaging storytelling, and insightful sports analytics made this visualization our judges' favorite. And if you think it looks great on your desktop, you'll definitely want to check how good it looks on your mobile.

Curtis paid attention to the smallest details when adapting his visualization to the small screen. Due to the limited real estate available, he used the players' images as background to the line charts. In a very clever move, he created hyperlink-looking text for his highlighting actions, making it obvious to the mobile reader that something will happen if you touch the players' names. Surely, you'll come across many more clever design decisions in Curtis' winning entry. Congratulations, Curtis!

Another round of applause to all the participants of our three 2016 Iron Viz feeder contests! Thank you for creating such amazing vizzes and also supporting each other throughout the process. We hope to see more Tableau Public love to our three contestants on the big day. Russell, Robert, Curtis, we'll see you on stage in Austin!