PAHO Visualizes Haiti's Earthquakes

The Pan American Health Organization published an interactive dashboard showing the location of last week’s devastating earthquakes in Haiti. The view spans three days and makes it easy to see the sheer number and strength of the aftershocks that reached magnitude 5.9.

The huge 7.0 earthquake occurred about 15 miles from Port-Au-Prince (pop. > 1 million) while most of the strong aftershocks occurred further west near Petit-Goave (pop. 15K), perhaps saving 1000s of lives. The dashboard can be viewed on PAHO's website.

[EDIT] This visualization was made with the Tableau Public beta. The downloadable workbook does not work in any current version of Tableau (except 5.1 beta). To the best of my knowledge we're planning to release 5.1 sometime in February.

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