Hello and welcome to your monthly round-up of what the Tableau community wrote about in September. For many, it’s a new academic year, and it seems that this month there have been lots of great posts about learning and iterating. I’m really enjoying Christine Rietmann’s posts about her journey to becoming a certified Tableau Desktop Specialist. This is a great qualification to help your professional development, and Christine’s blog is a week-by-week description of her progress, along with tips and resources. If you’re planning on getting certified, bookmark this series! Toan Hoang has a great post about 5 kinds of Tableau deliverables. When I first used Tableau 12 years ago, the only real deliverable was a dashboard. Today, the platform has grown massively, and Toan’s post is a great starting place as a summary of what we can deliver. One big addition to the platform is, of course, Tableau Prep. I’ve featured Carl and Jonathan’s Preppin’ Data blog a few times because it’s a super resource for principles about Prep—every week, you get a new Prep challenge to complete. I particularly like their “How to…” posts, such as this one about what to do before you even begin your Flow. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed seeing the diversification of topics you blog about. Tableau Prep’s presence is growing, as is content for developers and those doing embedded analytics, and more. If you’ve ever thought about beginning a Tableau content channel—on a blog, on YouTube, or elsewhere—now is as good a time as any to start. Until next month, enjoy the content!

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