6 trends that will shape retail in 2017

We have a saying around these parts: Data is always trending. And that’s especially true for the retail sector which is increasingly embracing a culture of analytics. More retail and consumer-goods companies are prioritizing analytics initiatives, opening up their data to executives and front-line employees. As a result, the call for faster, simpler, and mobile-friendly tools is growing. For retailers, finding actionable insights in the field with a mobile device is no longer just a pipe dream. Modern mobile analytics lives at the core of decision-making for major brick-and-mortar stores and their distribution centers. This trend will continue to grow in the retail sector, and in 2017, we’ll see mobile analytics become fully realized. This year, retailers will also look to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to add more insights to their analytics. What do I mean? Ever wonder what a new couch would look like in your living room? This year, customers will start harnessing AR to imagine potential purchases in their own lives. Merchandisers will also leverage virtual reality to visualize in-store planograms. For examples, retailers will use VR to review various store product arrangements instead of physically creating product plans for shelves and store layouts. Imagine the time and money saved. Those are just two of the trends we expect to see in the retail space this year. Check out all six of our trends in detail below.
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