We want YOU to help us design our new T-shirt!

Fellow data lovers, here’s your chance to be Tableau famous: Send us your best design idea for our new Tableau User Group T-shirt!

You’ve probably seen this T-shirt around:

This is our current Tableau User Group T-shirt. And while we love the little faces we call “data personalities,” it’s time for something new. That’s where you come in.

Between now and September 2, tweet us your best ideas using the hashtag #UserGroupTee.* Then we’ll select a winner and feature the T-shirt in the Tableau Store. Imagine: Hundreds of people sporting a tee you designed!

So embrace your inner-artist and get creative. Here is a blank T-shirt outline you can use. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

New to the Tableau community? Find a Tableau User Group near you and connect with like-minded data rockstars.

*By tweeting us your ideas, you give Tableau permission to use or modify those ideas for any purpose and in any medium or format.

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