The Tableau Community Team is Growing!

The Tableau Community now has over 32,000 registered users and is continually growing each week! In an effort to get more people their answers, the Tableau Community team has doubled from two to four in the last couple of months. Both Jordan Bunker and Patrick Van Der Hyde started at Tableau answering Support cases related to how-to and analytic questions. They became so well versed with the product and customers that we snagged them for the Community! You may have noticed them both bringing their expertise to users by providing quality, helpful responses.

Jordan Bunker has already responded to over 100 posts and is focusing on analyzing the Community data to help identify trends and increase the usability of the Tableau Community itself. Below is a picture of Jordan, and no, he doesn't always look this serious.

Jordan Bunker

Here’s a little more about Jordan in his own words:

I started at Tableau in November of 2012 in the Support organization, and just transitioned into my new role as Community Support Analyst in January of 2014. Previous to this new position, I worked as a Technical Support Engineer, helping Tableau customers with their analytic questions.

Outside of work, my hobbies include (but are certainly not limited to) woodworking, metalworking, rapid prototyping, and electronics. I also do a little film-making on the side, and am currently working on a documentary set to be released at the end of the year.

I'm excited to be in this new role, as it allows me to use Tableau to study Community activity and work with our customers to make the Community a better place for everyone!

Patrick Van Der Hyde used to participate in the Tableau forums from time to time when he was working on the Support team, but now that he is on the Community Team full time, his contributions are definitely being recognized--he has already created a workbook that has been picked up by Shawn Wallwork and added to the Tableau Workbook Library. Below is a picture of Patrick with his wife at last year's Holiday party.

Patrick with his wife at the Holiday Party

Here’s an introduction from Patrick himself:

I started at Tableau in September of 2012 in the Support organization and moved to a full time gig helping in the forums in March of 2014. I’m thrilled to be assisting customers in the community forums and learning more great tricks and tips.

I first became involved using Tableau as an employee of another company. In 2010, I attended the Tableau Customer Conference in Seattle which is where I really began to understand the possibilities of what I could visualize with Tableau. Going from Customer to Employee has been a great adventure and I love assisting users with learning to become data ninja’s too.
Besides work, I am a married father of 2 teenage kids (son and daughter).

I've lived in the Seattle area for most of my life although I was born in the mid-west (S. Dakota). When I’m not at work, I can usually be found biking, hiking, or transporting my kids to/from one of their many activities.

Please join me in welcoming them both to the Tableau Community Team!

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