French Red Cross Manages Resources More Effectively with Tableau

The French Red Cross is a large organization. It manages more than 50,000 volunteers, nearly 20,000 employees and oversees a budget of €8 million.

But as big as those numbers are, the need is even greater—which makes managing those resources as efficiently as possible is critical.

The French Red Cross, like many other organizations big and small, commercial and non-profit, is looking to its own data to help drive those efficiencies.

And it has chosen Tableau to help them in that effort.

Leadership at the French Red Cross is already seeing results:

  • Created dashboards in three weeks, compared to six months using traditional processes
  • Improved data quality
  • Introduce a common language for managers in support of faster, clearer decision-making
  • Improved effectiveness and delivery of humanitarian services
  • Broke down existing information silos

In fact, the ROI has been so good that the French Red Cross is planning to expand the use of Tableau dashboards across all of its offices.

“The return on investment we receive from Tableau justifies that strategy,” says Laurent Monnet, Director of Information Systems for the French Red Cross.

Learn more by reading the full case study in French or English.

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