Didn't have time to look for blog content in Jamuary? No worries: we do it for you. Here is the collection of what our customers had to say about Tableau last month.

They Walked Together Torque, Telemetry and Tableau - using Tableau to visualise car jounrey data - Tableau use caseDrawing With Numbers Bars and Lines - Zen Master Jonathan Drummey shows a cool trick for a side-by-side bar and line chart - Tableau tricksHot Piece of Apps Dynamic Images in Tableau - using Shapes to create dynamic images on a dashboard - Tableau tricksInterworks - Use Google Analytics to analyse your Tableau Server usage - Tableau tricksThe Information Lab - want percent of total to apply to all members, filtered or not? Here's the trick - Tableau tricksHealth intelligence - Tracking world mortality over time (via a very cool dashboard!) - Tableau use caseViz Candy - Looking at gun control in the US - Tableau use caseBreaking BI - a 101 guide to filter types in Tableau - Tableau tipsTableau Friction - Jittery Charts: how to avoid some common display problems with Tableau - Tableau tricksHot piece of apps - Fixing column merging (a common beginner's problem!) - Tableau tipsTableau love - Fun with Treemaps: Russell Christopher explores one of the nice new Colour palette features of Tableau - Tableau tipsVizWiz - How to create streamgraphs in Tableau (in just SIX steps) by Zen Master Andy Kriebel - Tableau tipsViz wiz - exploring Tableau v8's new dropdown filters - Tableau tipsThe Telltale chart - exploring long-term unemployment in previous recessions: a nice line chart - Tableau use caseTableau love - in-depth look at web-authoring dashboards with Tableau v8 - Tableau tricksTableau Friction - Chris Gerard suggests ways we could improve Tableau's menus. Do you agree? - Tableau articleDrawing with Numbers - Zen Master Jonathan Drummey discovers cool new ways of exploting the new colour palette functionality in Tableau v8 - Tableau tricks
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