E-Nor Helps Marketers Navigate Seas of Data

E-Nor is a digital analytics and marketing agency that has provided consulting to an impressive list of companies including VMware, ADP, Sony, and MIT. Originally founded in 2003, the agency works hard to help clients navigate what Feras Alhlou—E-Nor's Co-Founder and Principal Consultant—calls the "ocean of data" now available to businesses of all sizes.

"You don't have to be a Fortune 100 today to be overwhelmed with data," says Alhlou, in this video.

But with Tableau, staying afloat in this veritable sea of data has been easier than ever before—so E-Nor is left with more time to help marketers actually use their data to make decisions and plans.

“With Tableau, I can pull in my mobile data, I can pull in my Google Analytics data. I can pull in my social data. I can pull in my Salesforce and CRM data and see that 360° view of that prospect and the customer," explains Alhlou. "This is very, very actionable.”

The ability to easily work with multiple data streams has freed E-Nor to focus on its customers and individual channel performances. Simply extracting and analyzing data from, say, Google Analytics, used to take E-Nor up to two hours. But now the company can:

  • Save 75% of the time it used to spend building reports
  • Significantly reduce acquisition cost
  • Improve ROI for both the company and its clients

With Tableau—and the powerful multi-channel visibility it makes possible—the question for marketing professionals is no longer whether they will sink or swim in today's oceans of data.

It's what courses they will chart to reach all new insights. To learn how Alhou rapidly analyzes multi-channel marketing data with Tableau, watch the full interview here!

Photo credits: "MS Polarfront" by Norwegian Meteorological Institute and "Barge Alaska on the River Seine 003" by Moonik via Wikimedia Commons.

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