451 Research’s Analyst, Krishna Roy, weighs in on Tableau

I promise – no spoilers here. But I will suggest that you’ll find Krishna Roy’s take on why and how Tableau has been growing like crazy very insightful. She’s covered us for several years so her perspective is informed, thoughtful, and – hopefully – useful to you.

In her most recent report, Tableau details 2012 growth strategy, gets semantic for visual analytics, Krishna offers up her view on some of the places she sees us evolving to continue fueling our growth. Strategic hires in channel and international outposts as well as our senior executive team are detailed.

Tableau 7 and its ability to align with enterprise-class requirements receives a close-up look. One new addition introduced in Tableau 7 is the Data Server. Krishna offers great detail about how the Data Server provides value and concludes it, “should provide a competitive leg up against direct rival QlikTech International and other BI vendors…”

Other elements of Tableau 7, including support for multi-tenancy and Hadoop connectivity, underscore our ability to provide robust data discovery capabilities to individual users while maintaining an enterprise’s governance mandates and evolving data needs.

We hope you find this complementary report helpful. Thanks, Krishna, for your thoughtful coverage.

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