How agile is your BI solution?

It’s one thing to read about agile business intelligence (BI). It’s a whole other thing to experience it yourself.

In true Tableau fashion, we’ve taken the data behind Aberdeen Group’s landmark study, Agile BI: Three Steps to Analytic Heaven, and made it available to anyone who has questions about whether or not their BI solution is agile – or not.

Aberdeen has illuminated the need for agile BI as a means to equip business users to get the information they need, when they need it. When subject matter experts have tools to help them answer their own questions, everyone wins. Better, faster decisions are made for the organization because the people who know the data best are empowered to ask – and answer – their questions as they go.

IT is the other big winner in a world with agile BI. Challenged by exploding quantities of data, more requests than ever for data analysis, and shrinking decision windows, IT needs ways to shift the bulk of these requests off its plate. Introducing a self-service, agile BI environment is the ticket to accomplish this goal. Aberdeen's paper, Agile BI: Complementing Traditional BI to Address the Shrinking Decision Window dives into the value of a dual approach to BI.

Take a minute to find out how Tableau stacks up against other BI vendors when it comes to delivering agile BI. See how we compare overall or by industry.

Interested in reading more about how Tableau customers are using agile BI to create a self-service environment? Check out this Aberdeen report that centers on Tableau’s customers' in-roads to empower business users. It includes a great feature on Irish Life.

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