Sneak Peek: New Ways of Seeing

As many of you know, we will be launching Tableau 7.0 in early 2012! This is an exciting release for us here at Tableau and is packed with features and functionality customers have been requesting. This is the first in a series of blog posts giving you a first hand sneak peek of the product.

The new chart types and enhanced analytical flow in Tableau 7.0 will make every new viz exciting and easy to create. Of the dozens of new features in Tableau 7.0, these are the just a few of the ones that will help make your everyday work easier and more fulfilling.

Filled maps

Everyone has wanted them at some point, and now they are available in Tableau 7.0! Our beautiful filled maps work the world over and down to the Zip Code level in the US. These are especially useful when looking at categorical data like sales territories, or percentage change data like the employment growth viz below.

Show Me

has always been a great way for new users to experience the joy of speed-of-thought analytics. Now, Show Me remains open so anyone can quickly change between visualization types on the fly, or even add new fields to a visualization. Furthermore, Show Me now tells you exactly how many Dimensions and Measures you will need for a particular visualization. All in all, Show Me provides a trouble free way to analyze at the speed of your thoughts.

Area Chart

It is a common problem: you are looking at a line chart showing the change over time among several different categories (industry, state, etc). A line chart is excellent for showing the growth and change of the individuals, but it is horrible at showing the change of the group as a whole. Enter the Area Chart, a brand new mark type in Tableau 7.0. Not only does it show the change for individuals as well as a line chart, it also beautifully shows the growth of the whole. The viz below shows this in its examination of flight delays at Chicago O'Hare airport.

Needless to say, all of these new features will help you analyze your data quicker and easier.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned! Next week's Sneak Peek blog post will cover the Tableau 7.0 Data Server product!

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