Fun fact: Tableau was a project spun out of Stanford in the San Francisco Bay Area and was headquartered there until our early move to Seattle. Today, we came back to our home with the first ever San Francisco Tableau User Group, right where we initially began.

More than 70 people turned out, with equal halves of the audience from the business and IT sectors. People were also evenly split from the SF and Silicon Valley areas.

David Stone of eBay started the meeting by sharing the story of eBay's Tableau community. There was never any formal announcement about Tableau; people simply started picking it up as they wanted to interact with and visualize the data themselves. Now, the eBay user community stands at an incredible 7,000 users--all organic growth.

Our own Dan Jewitt led the 6.1 demo, followed by (of course) a great time of networking with drinks and snacks.

It is good to be back, and we hope we can visit more often.

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You cut me off! What about the other front audience?

Unfortunately that's the best picture we have of the audience, sorry about that!

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