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Modern businesses need to store and analyze their data efficiently. With Snowflake, organizations have the flexibility they need to scale their datawarehouse up or down as the situation demands it. Instead of separating production and analysis databases, Snowflake uses virtual datawarehouses to allow unlimited access and computational power for any use case.

Of course, Snowflake is even more powerful when combined with Tableau. Connect to Snowflake in a moment, then drag and drop to visualize data and prepare dashboards. It's a combination that makes data analysis flexible, fast and accessible to anyone.

Groundbreaking architecture

Built for the cloud so you can scale

Snowflake's multi-cluster, shared data architecture was built for the cloud from the beginning. Data is stored in Amazon S3 and is accessible independently from as many virtual data warehouses as you need. Because compute and storage are completely separate, you can independently scale either to meet your needs at any time.

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Revolutionize the speed of analytics

Deliver rapid-fire analytics with Snowflake and Tableau

Until recently, advancements in data warehousing and analytics were largely incremental. Small innovations in database design would herald a new data warehouse every 2-3 years, which would quickly become overwhelmed with rapidly increasing data volumes. Read how Snowflake and Tableau together can revolutionize the speed of analytics.

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Tableau is the friendliest way for our business to explore data. When you're lost... a visualization can act as a sort of information map. When combined with Snowflake's speed, we can now explore information 10 times faster.

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Anyone can connect and analyze a Snowflake datawarehouse with Tableau in minutes. Watch this short video to see how you can quickly spin up a warehouse for analysis within Tableau, connect to data, drag and drop to analyze, and even join structured and unstructured data together.

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Hear from our customers

10x faster analysis at Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame provides a unique academic environment for more than 10,000 undergraduate, professional, and graduate students. Today, the university accesses data through DataND—a campus-wide portal. With DataND, built on Tableau Server, employees access governed data and standardized definitions—securing one source of truth across the university. Offices also have the option to download workbooks. With Tableau Desktop, they can bring in relevant data sources to expand their analysis. Reporting that used to take two months now only takes a couple of days.

Due to growing data, Notre Dame’s fundraising office adopted Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse. With Snowflake’s virtual data warehouses, they instantly match capacity with need—and in many cases, their analysis is 10x faster. Tableau users can take advantage of that speed with direct connectivity for both dashboard creation and viewing. With Tableau and Snowflake, Notre Dame has a platform that is scalable, fast, and accessible.

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Use the resources below to learn more about how you can use the power of Tableau and Snowflake together, and remember to download Tableau Desktop so you can get started connecting to your Snowflake datawarehouse today.