Businesses need to store and analyze data efficiently. Using Snowflake, organizations have the ability to scale their data warehouse up and down as the situation demands. Its unique shared data architecture allows for easy scalability. Snowflake's fully relational SQL data warehouse is built for the cloud, making it efficient to store and access all your data from one integrated location. Instead of separating production and analysis databases, Snowflake uses virtual data warehouses to allow unlimited access and computational power, delivering on performance, simplicity, and affordability.

The Accelerated Analytics Quick Start

Tableau and Snowflake on AWS

Deploy a fully functional Tableau Server environment and automatically establish a connection to Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the Cloud. This Quick Start gets customers up and running fast, allowing them to scale their virtual warehouses based on usage, leading to cost savings and peak efficiency. The Quick Start also includes pre-built Tableau Dashboards providing ultimate transparency into your cost and compute metrics.

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The Analytics Platform Built for the Cloud

Rapid-fire data with Snowflake and Tableau

Until recently, advancements in data warehousing and analytics were largely incremental. Small innovations in database design would herald a new data warehouse every 2-3 years, which would then quickly become overwhelmed with ever-increasing data volume. Read how Snowflake and Tableau together are revolutionizing the speed of analytics.

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Snowflake's groundbreaking architecture

Snowflake's multi-cluster, shared data architecture was built for the cloud from the beginning. Data is stored in Amazon S3 and is accessible independently from as many virtual data warehouses as you need. Because computing and storage are completely separate, you can independently scale either to meet your needs at any time.

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Using Fivetran and Snowflake, connect Tableau to your NetSuite data

Our partners at Fivetran offer maintenance-free data connectors that can extract and load data from your apps directly into a data warehouse like Snowflake. Leverage this solution to extract your NetSuite data, which Fivetran replicates directly into Snowflake. Once the data are warehoused, you can utilize Tableau's Native Connection to Snowflake to begin analyzing your NetSuite data directly in Tableau.

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We've always been obsessed with customer behaviour and for the first time we can truly indulge that obsession. Prior to Tableau we were spending a lot of time on predictions, which always comes with a degree of guesswork. Now everything is much more factual, right down to the finest details, which is much more valuable to the business.

carwow cuts time to insight by 30%

Through Tableau, Snowflake, and Fivetran, carwow has been able to adopt a data-driven culture, leading to better and faster decisions towards understanding their customers. Snowflake and Fivetran enable the migration of the company's data which vastly improves processing speed. Tableau's ease of connecting to Snowflake and visualization capabilities made it an easy decision for carwow and as a result they have cut their time to insight by 30%.

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Tableau is the friendliest way for our business to explore data. When you're lost in a sea of data, a visualization can act as a sort of information map. When combined with Snowflake's speed, we can now explore this information map at the speed of thought and move from data to information to a decision 10 times faster.

10x faster analysis at Notre Dame

Due to growing data, The University of Notre Dame’s fundraising office adopted the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse. With Snowflake’s virtual data warehouses, the office instantly matched capacity with need—in many cases, their analysis came 10x faster. Using Tableau, Notre Dame takes advantage of that speed with direct connectivity for both dashboard creation and sharing. With Tableau and Snowflake, the University of Notre Dame has a platform that is scalable, fast, and accessible.

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Explore petabytes of data

With a scalable AWS back-end, support for virtual warehouses, and the capability to work with structured and semi-structured data, Snowflake has the flexibility to adjust to demanding workloads.

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