Tableau Financial Services Summit

Boost Productivity, Unlock Profitability, Simplify Decision-Making with Data-Driven Analytics

Barclays | Payment Analytics

Swiss Re | Customer-Facing Analytics

Ueli Conrad
Learn how Swiss Re is providing life insurance clients with data-driven insights through their 'Magnum Analytics' solution.

NatWest | Marketing Analytics

Charles Stanley: Do Good With Data (ESG)

Nick Bowskill

VR-Bank Mitte | Reimagining Credit Applications with Tableau

Keynote | Building a Data-Driven Financial Organisation

Data Transformation: Building Blocks for a Data-Driven Organisation

Francois Zimmermann

Tableau Demo | Unlocking Banking Insights with Tableau

Product Demo | Tableau and Net Zero Cloud

Mark Bowles

Tableau Demo | How to 'Know' Your Data

Steve Oluborode

Panel Discussion | Digital Customer Avatar

Markus Hedwig
Rob Klomps

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