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Thank you for attending Tableau Experience Thailand 2019, where we brought together over 560 of data lovers, analytic enthusiasts, and technology professionals for a day of fun learning with data! We hope you had lots of fun - do check out our resources catered just for you!

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In-Person Test Drive (Conducted in Thai)

  • 12 June, 2:O0PM ICT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now
  • 3 July, 2:O0PM ICT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now
  • 14 August, 2:O0PM ICT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now
  • 18 September, 2:O0PM ICT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now

Live Online Training (Conducted in English)

  • 11 June, 10:30AM ICT

    Server Administration (Advanced) - Register Now
  • 18 June, 10:30AM ICT

    Tableau Desktop (Introductory) - Register Now
  • 2 July, 10:30AM ICT

    Tableau Desktop (Introductory) - Register Now
  • 10 July, 10:30AM ICT

    Tableau Prep (Introductory) - Register Now

Powerpoint Presentations

Welcome Address

Data insights are rapidly transforming business models in the digital economy. Learn how Tableau supports this evolution and the emergence of data-driven organizations, from startups to large enterprises.

Download the presentation deck here.

Keynote Presentation: Speak the Language of Data

Language allows you to express yourself clearly. When you can speak a language, you can mix and match words to ask questions on your mind. Tableau is based on a language known as VizQL. Learn how this gives you the flexibility to ask the questions you want and have them answered.

Download the presentation deck here.

True Digital Group: The Importance of Intelligence in Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Recap this anecdote of a real life situation where bad customer intelligence can ruin a good customer relationship and potential future business opportunity, and how it could have been avoided by applying a dynamic and interactive BI tool to maximize use of the ever growing insights and data.

Download the presentation deck here.

Agoda: Scaling Analytics for the Thousands

Agoda believes in delivering the best prices to customers and there are limitless possibilities to do this when decisions are driven by data. How did Agoda get over a thousand of its employees to be data driven by using self-service BI and analytics tools such as Tableau? This presentation will delve deep into how Agoda accomplished this feat.

Download the presentation deck here.

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