Tableau Certification

Certify your Tableau expertise.

Differentiate yourself and get recognized

Two certification levels

Prove your technical skills with a Qualified Associate exam, then get tested on best practices in a Certified Professional Exam. Whatever you choose, your title will showcase your expertise and skill in Tableau.

Test online

No need to go to a testing center. Exams are available online so you can test anytime, anywhere. In-person exams are offered at Tableau Conference and select Tableau Conference On Tours.

Augment your career

Holding a Tableau certification distinguishes you as an expert. Get noticed by your boss or potential employers. Read how being Certified has benefited others.

Clearly communicate your expertise

Gain access to a community of certified users, Tableau community badges, inclusion on the Tableau Certification Directory, and exclusive swag (for Certified Professionals only).

Certification Directory

These people have proven their Tableau expertise, confidence, and differentiated themselves. See who they are.

Tableau Certifications

Tableau Desktop

Currently testing on 2018.2
Qualified Associate
$250 / Exam Fee (USD)

Suggested Preparation

Qualified Associate titles are valid for two years from date achieved.
Certified Professional
$600 / Exam Fee (USD)

Suggested Preparation

Certified Professional titles are valid for three years from date achieved.

Tableau Server

Currently testing on 10.5
Qualified Associate
$250 / Exam Fee (USD)

Suggested Preparation

Qualified Associate titles are valid for two years from date achieved.
Certified Professional
$800 / Exam Fee (USD)

Suggested Preparation

Certified Professional titles are valid for three years from date achieved.

Server exams will be released on 2018.2 this October and all Tableau Conference 2018 exams will be delivered on 2018.2.

Server 2018.2 Prep Guides are below. The biggest changes in this exam will include Tableau Services Manager for Windows and Subscription Offerings.

Why get Tableau Certified?

Hiring managers look for the stamp of approval. Hear from Cisco's Ken Patton on why having a Tableau Certification will differentiate yourself.

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Certification Process

  1. Review the Program FAQ - Get your questions about the program answered and decide which exams are right for you.
  2. Take Classroom Training - In addition to real-life experience, prepare for exams with in-person, virtual and onsite Tableau courses.
  3. Register for your exam - Create a new account through Loyalist Exam Services and get your exam on the books.
  4. Set up your computer for the exam - We ask you follow this guide to set up your computer before you take your exams. Avoid technical headaches or system issues as you take your exam remotely and set yourself up for success.

Server Certified Professional Exams

We’re expanding our Server Certified Professional exam offerings in 2018.

Limited capacity in-person sessions will be offered throughout the year at various Tableau offices and Conferences on the following dates.

If you're interested in receiving additional information about these offerings as it becomes available, email

We are Certifiably Tableau

Certifiably Tableau Person of the Month

Jose Antonio Navarro
Certifications: Desktop Certified Professional, Server Qualified Associate
Follow Jose: Twitter, LinkedIn

Why did you get Certified? First of all, the Certified Professional Exam was a test to validate my Tableau skills. I felt I was skilled with visual analysis, advanced calculations and building visualizations and stories, so I thought that it was a good time to take it. I passed on my first attempt. Secondly, this certificate shows the market that I’m a Tableau expert, capable of working on advanced Tableau projects.

I’m extremely proud of achieving this Tableau Certification.

What has being Certified done for your career? Three years ago, I decided to change my career as Telecom Engineer. It wasn’t an easy decision, as I was over 40 years old. After some thinking, I risked everything to learn and get a Tableau certification. Since I was a child I’ve loved math, statistics, and analysis, so I thought I could be good at data analytics and data visualization. Now I can say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I enjoy working every day with Tableau and I love my work. Teaching Tableau to others (I’m also a Certified Trainer) is one of the most rewarding things I do now. I’m now really happy and I think I’m skilled with Tableau! This year I visited Tableau HQ in Seattle and London. I’ve met lot of great Tableau people that have helped me a great deal to get certified. I’m very grateful to them.

After getting Qualified Associate and Certified Professional Certifications, I received some interesting jobs and project offers. It’s clear that the market understands that certified means qualified to work on advanced Tableau Advanced projects.

Tips for others thinking about getting certified: I would recommend doing Tableau Training, whatever way is most suitable for you. I attended Classroom Training, Virtual Training and eLearning. Even if you have some experience, you will learn the best methods by attending Tableau Training. Create a Tableau Public account and practice as much as you can. You also can participate by creating dashboards and stories in Makeover Monday every week. Go further, practice advanced calculations if you are going to take the Certified Professional exam. When you think you are ready, take the example exam on the Tableau Certification webpage.

A really important point also is, when you start the exam, take a deep breath and read. Read the directions carefully. I wasted 10 minutes in my exam looking for the data as I didn’t read all of the directions. I even complained to the Proctor for not telling me how to access the data...It was my fault, as everything was in the directions, so...take your time and read it thoroughly!