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Prove your technical skills with a Specialist or Qualified Associate Exam, then get tested on best practices in a Certified Professional Exam. Whatever you choose, your title will showcase your expertise and skill in Tableau.

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No need to go to a testing center. Exams are available online so you can test anytime, anywhere. In-person exams are offered at Tableau Conference and select Tableau Conference On Tours.

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Holding a Tableau certification distinguishes you as an expert. Get noticed by your boss or potential employers. Read how being Certified has benefited others.

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Tableau Desktop Exams

Testing on version 2018.2

Desktop Specialist

Focused on foundational functionality and product comprehension

Fee: $100

Suggested Training: Desktop I

Required Prerequisites: None

Suggested Product Experience: 3+ Months

Exam Prep Guide: Download here

Title valid for: No expiration


Desktop Qualified Associate

Comprehensive functionality and product expertise

Fee: $250

Suggested Training: Desktop I & Desktop II

Required Prerequisites: None

Suggested Product Experience: 5+ Months

Exam Prep Guide: Download here

Title valid for: Two Years


Desktop Certified Professional

Advanced functionality and application of visual best practices

Fee: $600

Suggested Training: Desktop III & Visual Analytics

Required Prerequisites: Active Desktop Qualified Associate

Suggested Product Experience: 12+ Months

Exam Prep Guide: Download here

Title valid for: Three Years


Tableau Server Exams

Testing on version 2018.2

Server Qualified Associate

Administrative functionality and platform knowledge

Fee: $250

Suggested Training: Server Administration

Required Prerequisites: None

Suggested Product Experience: 6+ Months

Exam Prep Guide: Download here

Title valid for: Two Years


Testing on version 2018.3

Server Certified Professional

Architectural knowledge and platform integration expertise

Fee: $800

Suggested Training: Server Architecture

Required Prerequisites: Active Server Qualified Associate

Suggested Product Experience: 9+ Months

Exam Prep Guide: Download here

Title valid for: Three Years


Certification Process

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In addition to real-life experience, prepare for exams with in-person, virtual or eLearning courses.

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We ask you follow this guide to set up your computer before you take your exams. Avoid technical headaches or system issues as you take your exam remotely and set yourself up for success.

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Certification Directory

These people have proven their Tableau expertise, confidence, and differentiated themselves. See who they are.

Server Certified Professional Exams

Limited capacity in-person sessions will be offered throughout the year at various Tableau offices and Conferences in 2019. Additional exam delivery dates will be added to the website once confirmed.

  • 13 March 2019 in London - Email to register.
  • 15 May 2019 in Seattle - Email to register.
  • If you're interested in receiving additional information about these offerings as it becomes available, email

    Why get Tableau Certified?

    Hiring managers look for the stamp of approval. Hear from Cisco's Ken Patton on why having a Tableau Certification will differentiate yourself.

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    Certifiably Tableau Person of the Month

    Alex Waleczek
    Certifications: Desktop Specialist, Desktop Qualified Associate
    Follow Alex: Tableau Public, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog

    Why did you get Certified? I used Tableau for 1.5 years when I did my first Qualified Associate exam. I felt confident about my knowledge of Tableau so taking the exam was really just the next step to get my knowledge verified. It's great to have the confidence in yourself but you never know what comes next in your professional life so having this black on white does help to prove the experience you are claiming. I now took the Desktop Specialist exam to close the gap and I do plan to do the Certified Professional exam soon as this really highlights not only the technical ability of using Tableau but the understanding of how to use it to communicate effectively.

    What has being Certified done for your career? The certification makes it much easier to prove to people that I do know Tableau. While participating in community challenges like Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday is great for your personal growth, most employers will not understand how to judge these submissions appropriately; showing them an official certification makes it a lot easier. I changed jobs recently and especially for most recruitment agencies it seemed that a certification ticks a box much quicker than community engagement does.

    Tips for others thinking about getting certified: I think especially for the first exam there can be many uncertainties around the process and the kind of questions that are asked. If you look online you'll find several experience reports about what to expect and how to prepare for any of the certifications. The preparation guides by Tableau are also super helpful; having done two of the certifications, I can say that the example questions are a very good representation of the actual questions. In general, be aware that it will be an exam situation and as such it might be stressful and you should take it seriously but at the same time you should not drive yourself crazy. There is plenty of time and if you use Tableau regularly, you might only require minimal preparation.

    Read Alex's blog post on his experience taking the Desktop Specialist exam.

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