Tableau Data Kids

Discover new approaches to learning about data, including engaging activities, fun visualizations, and tips for inspiring kids to explore the data all around them. Designed for kids ages 5-13.

Starting a data journey with kids

Many of us are staying at home, and our kids are now learning in an online environment. With schools closed for an unknown length of time, parents face the arduous task of figuring out how to support their child’s learning while keeping them entertained. We all agree that data skills are essential, so why not take advantage of this time to spark a passion for analytics among the future generation? We are here to help you get them excited about data while tapping into their natural curiosity and encouraging them to explore what interests them. All you need is a pen, paper, and your love for data. Ready. Set. Go!

Data exploration is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Data is all around us. Kids can collect data on anything from the behaviors of their pets, or the pet peeves of their siblings. Pick what you want to investigate and get started.



Draw a simple grid to use for collecting your data.



Choose a subject to observe and count your observations.



Add your numbers together and write the total in your table.



Draw two lines creating the x and y-axis. Fill in your totals to make a bar graph.

Activities to start data discovery

Get Inspired

We’ve curated some of our favorite kid-friendly visualizations from our very own Tableau Public to get kids excited about data.

A Beginner's Guide to Pokemon

Equip your Pokémon master with all the information they need to assemble their team.

Interact with the viz

What Emojis say about Music

See what emojis are most associated with different musicians

Sea Turtles in Curacao

Explore species of sea turtles and what makes each turtle different

The Spells of Harry Potter

Learn every spell muttered, flicked, and yelled in the Harry Potter book universe

Kids Explain Data.

Watch what happens when a group of kids talk about data (and life in general).

Have a laugh

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