Tableau Certified Data Analyst

Get certified in the hottest role in data analytics.


Exam Details

A Tableau Data Analyst enables stakeholders to make business decisions by understanding the business problem, identifying data to explore for analysis, and delivering actionable insights. Be sure to review the full Tableau Certified Data Analyst Beta Exam Prep Guide before registering.

This exam is currently in beta. For more information about what that means, please visit our FAQ.


There are no required prerequisites for this exam. Everyone learns differently and every day use of Tableau varies. Recommendations for learning resources and experience with the product are guidelines, not requirements.

Beta Duration

The beta will only be open for a limited time - you must purchase the exam before 5 October and take it by 6 October. 

Beta Format

  • Time Limit: 150 minutes (includes 3 minutes to review and agree to NDA)
  • Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple response, active screen, build list, display, drag and drop, hot area, hands-on lab
  • Number of Questions: 59 knowledge-based items, 1 hands-on lab
  • Scoring: Candidates will receive their score 3 to 5 months after completing the beta exam.
  • Passing Score: The passing scaled score for the Tableau Certified Data Analyst exam is 750.
  • Language(s) Offered: English; translated exams to follow.
  • Exam Delivery Method: Testing center and online delivery are both available. Learn more about the check-in process and testing experience for each method here.

For more information, download the full Tableau Certified Data Analyst Beta Exam Prep Guide.

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Calling all beta believers.

This exam is currently in beta testing. But don't worry - if you pass the beta exam, you'll still earn the title of Tableau Certified Data Analyst. If you're one of the first 1,000 people to pass the exam in beta, you'll also earn a limited-time Early Bird badge to share on social. 

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Prepare for your Exam

One of the best preparations is role experience and time with the product. To be prepared, candidates are strongly encouraged to have at least 6 months of experience. We also encourage you to complete the following training:

Tableau Training Pass

Unlimited access to our most popular virtual classroom courses. We recommend you take Desktop I, Desktop II and Prep I. 

Designed for: Immersive learners who prefer scheduled sessions with an expert instructor

Analyst Learning Path

A combination of eLearning and badges built for the Analyst skill set

Designed for: Just-in-time learners who prefer learning what they want, when they want